Coaching with horses

The horse as a therapist
Individual coaching sessions and trainings for groups in Germany and on Sardinia island


Why horse-based coaching?
Coaching with horses is a new method of personality training which becomes more and more popular due to its enduring effects. The horse can have e key role as a medium in the training of executive managers and in team building processes. Horses are direct and sincere, their reactions are honest and immediately reflect what they are feeling.

Coaching with horses does not mean, that the participants should be experienced in riding or that they are used to horses. It’s more the other way round: the less experienced the people are, the better it is.


Seismographic perception
Horses react in a very sensitive way when they interact with people. Horses are not impressed by titles or education or hierarchic position of a person. Horses just react on the things which they perceive. They react on unconscious processes and thus make them visible. The basis for coaching with horses is the systemic approach, which means that we are all in a permanent interaction with each other and that any change of our personal attitude has always an effect on the whole system we are in.
Horses are the ideal co-therapeuts. They don't pretend anything. As they are flight animals living in herds they have a extremely sensitive perception towards their next.



"Do you lead or I do?"
This question the horse decides within a few seconds and will be asked again, depending from a new situation.
By this we have two important factors which are essential for coaching with horses and for the horse-based therapy: The horse immediately reacts and is always clear and honest.
A person who is unsecure for example, but pretends to be strong and determined, will be mercilessly detected by the horse.
Also important: The horse does not value and has not a stereotyped thinking. So if the same person, that had been unsecure before, will develop within the process to a strong and authentic leader, the horse will follow him without hesitation.


From thinking to feeling
The topics that come up with horse-based coaching will be accepted more easily by the client, instead when the therapeut tries to describe awkward things with nice words. The horse does not "want" anything for the client, it is just there, authentic but also very empathic. Learning processes, also inner changes, will be reflected immediately by the horse and emotionally anchored by the client. The horse doesn't disuss the issues, doesn't whitewash them. Automatically you will go from thinking to feeling, from the brain to the stomach. It is proved, that emotional experiences, especially those which base on the intense contact to this animal and on the conjointness with it, have a much deeper and longer-lasting effect than theoretic learning contents.


Perfect surrounding
For the horse-based coaching it is important to have horses that live a normal life according to their nature. So the trainings will be always where the horses have huge fields where they stay in a herd. When they are treated appropiate to their species they will react very senstive to stimuli and impulses as they are used to do when they live with their fellows.

In addition to my psychological education I did some trainings "coaching with horses" to become a trainer myself. I am deeply impressed by what I experienced in the horse-based coaching sessions.


Coaching with horses on Sardinia and Tuscany

Apart from coaching sessions and personal retreats in Germany, I would like to invite experienced coaches with their groups to hold a holiday seminar on Sardinia or in Tuscany. The ranches of my partners there dispose of everything that is needed for horse-based coaching.
My idea is to offer an intense seminar with horses, away from everyday life, away from the normal surrounding, in the midst of peace and nature, which will lead to long-lasting results.


Please contact me if you are interested, I would be happy to provide an individual concept for you. 



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