Business Coaching with Horses

Horse-based coaching for managers and their teams is rightly more and more estimated as a new seminar form.  The profound and lasting effect is amazing.

Together with my partners I offer here holiday courses for coaches and their groups on the wonderful island Sardinia or in Tuscany.


Dates and topics in 2016: online soon.


"Coaching with horses" does not mean riding horses. Thus the participants do not need any experience with horses. The impressing thing with these seminars is that horses are co-trainers. The participants and the horse get into contact and will do some exercises together as a sort of ground work. After the training unit debriefing and video analysis.
Of course you are free to do horseback riding - apart from the seminar.



Missing preparation for manageral functions

Most of the managers have a high professional competence. But many of them are not well prepared for their executive functions in the team. The expectations, however, on them are high: They shall lead the staff in a perfect way and gain a maximum of profit for the company at the same time. The question is: How will a good cooperation between boss and employees be achieved?

"Leaders are estimated as leaders when their appearance is straight, honest, motivating and authentic" (Gerhard Konir in his book "Horse-based Coaching").
Clearness and authenticity belong to the most important leadership qualities.




Horses as mirrors
Reality, however, quite often looks differently: Unsolved conflicts between people in business life cost a lot of time and energy. Authoritarian leadership, unclear behavior, lacking confidence of the employees, pressure from the managment board, building subgroups, missing communication - all this is quite frequent and causes a lot of frustration.
Here the horses as coaching partners will have an amazing effect.
Horses as mirrors for that what is really happening.



Emotional anchoring
The big success and the long lasting effect of the training is based on the emotional anchoring: Away from the office desk, away from the rational mind, people here will make experiences, which are impressing and comprehensible. Horses do not lie and horses are not resentful. So, if you change your behavior, you will get a direct response.


This kind of training will trigger some self-awareness processes and people will elaborate new ways of problem solution.
They will reflect on questions like: How is my way of leadership? Authoritarian? Incompliant? Unsteady? Hell-fellow-well-met? How do I react on conflicts? How do react on stress?
How do my collegues see me? Which is my way to achieve my targets? Which behavior patterns do I use towards superiors?



Making unconscious patterns visible
On these and other questions you will find your answers. The confrontation with the four-legged co-trainers reveals how we are perceived by the others and even more - what we feel deep inside, even if we are not aware of it, or maybe want to hide it. Horses have seismographic antennas. They perceive any little nuance and will react consequently. A horse will detect for example the discrepancy between what a person feels inside and how he behaves in his outer appearance. This is because of the nature of a horse, which is a flight-animal with highly sensitive antennas. Furthermore it needs a herd to survive, where a clear hierachy is the basis for protection and the feeling of security. "Do I lead or do you lead?" the horse asks his fellow. This is the key question which explains a lot of reactions.




Exercises in a protected setting
The surrounding where the seminars take place are ideal. Far away from hectic life the participants can relax and feel welcome to a new experience.
No riding skills are necessary, you won't mount a horse. The exercises are based on meeting a horse and do some ground work in the roundpen. Be surprised of the message what the horse will tell you! Feedback of the rest of the group and video analysis are usefull instruments to reflect and learn.
The seminars will be hold in a protected setting apart of the everyday life of the ranch.



Activity and Muse

The training days will be diverting with a change of horse-based exercises, theoretical input, feedback and video analysis.
The participants will have spare time enough to relax, "digest" the things that happen, and enjoy the beautiful ambience of the seminar location and the surrounding.
In the evenings you will have a get together with your colleagues for a nice dinner and a chat.
Sardinia and Tuscany are marvellous places!




Far away from daily routine
With this new approach of horse-based management seminars we want ot realize the following idea:
Far away from daily routine, away from the office, inmidst of an ambience of peace and tranquillity, in the beauty of nature and with mild temperatures, the experiences and perceptions of such a training can be implemented in a more profound way. There will be also time and space for exchanging ideas and thoughts with the colleagues. The transfer of  the training results to everyday life is enduring due to the emotional experience of meeting the horses.


These seminars are meant for courageous people who try out new ways, who are ready to change things and who dare to look closely.